Logo design is a must for any type of business. When an entrepreneur needs a logo identity for his business venture, he contacts a logo designer. Once the logo is created the designer sends it back to his client in a particular file format. It is a type of the standard file formats that we are going to explain to our non-designer readers who are not aware exactly when and how these files should be used to avail maximum output.

Selecting a logo design is in your hands but it may be delivered to you in a format that you do not yet understand. As crowdsourcing logo designs are the current trend, it is even more important that clients and non-designers understand and distinguish different file format. Here is a short and interesting guide to help you.

Abstract Rainbow Wave Vector Art

There are two types of logo design file formats: Vector and Raster files. We will be discussing some of the vector file formats that are compatible with both mac and windows.


• Vector Files

Photoshop is not vector.  It is primarily pixel. Therefore, vector is always a much better option when it comes to professional logo designing.

A vector file is a collection of shapes, lines, coordinates, and indexed colors; mathematically interpreted within the software. This helps greatly when the design needs to be reproduced at other scales because there is no blurring or distortion. The same file can be used whether you need printing on a letterhead or printing on the billboard.


• PDF – Portable Document Format

PDF Portable Document Format

This format is very flexible as it can preserve and display the fonts, page layouts, and graphics (both vector and bitmap) flawlessly. It can be used for accurate printing as well as viewing.

Compatible software: Adobe Reader, Preview, Foxit Reader


• AI – Adobe Illustrator

AI Adobe Illustrator

This is the original file in which a logo is created. However, it requires specific software to open and edit so it’s better if you discuss it with your designer before wasting your time and money on some other complicated tool. With the correct font installed, you can even edit the text within (unless, of course, it is a custom type which will be outlined instead).

Compatible software: Adobe Illlustrator, CorelDRAW


• EPS – Encapsulated PostScript

EPS Encapsulated PostScript

EPS files are best for professional printing as they can be scaled to any size without issue. It also has  the capability of including both pixel and vector data/artwork. These files are ideally the final version file since, unlike the .AI working file, it is difficult to edit. Anyhow, whether you desire expert printing or scaled, EPS files are the ultimate best choice.

Compatible software: Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW


These are some of the excellent vector file formats that can be used conveniently by the newbies as well as professionals. Let us know which ones you prefer to use when it comes to logo design.


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