Crowdsourcing has always been under the hammer for the wrong reasons, particularly in logo design. But as more and more brands entities opt for crowdsourcing, this phenomenon is being negated. One of the most recent users of logo design crowdsourcing is The United Nations. In order to acquire a logo to represent their “7 Billion Actions” campaign, they rendered the services of a crowdsourcing site rather than a conventional design agency.


• Other Prominent Uses of Crowdsourcing:

For the detractors of crowdsourcing, they must realize that major brands are now rendering services from sites like 99designs and MycroBurst. Moreover, the concept of crowdsourcing is not only limited to logo design field. High-tech US space agency NASA regularly asks part-time astronomers to take pictures of extraterrestrial events. Another unique fact that most people don’t know that Mozilla’s Firefox browser was created by a crowd of developers without compensation.

• Project Details:

‘7 Billion Actions’ is a global campaign initiated by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in 2011 to celebrate the 7 billion landmark of world’s population. Instead of approaching a design agency, UN decide to ask all and sundry to design their logo. For this purpose, they collaborated with CrowdSpring, one of the leading crowdsourcing agency based in Chicago.

Director of the campaign Alvaro Serrano said,

“The 7 Billion Actions Campaign will illustrate the inter-connected world that 7billion people share with each other, the issues and challenges they face, and the actions they are taking to improve their own lives and the lives of people around them.”


• Winner of the Contest:

The logo design contest received 1,258 creative designs submitted by 185 designers. But Maria Mandagaran, an Argentinean designer, was adjudged the winner of the contest. In addition to earning hefty prize money of $1,000 for the winning design, Maria’s logo is being used by UN throughout its campaign.


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