Logo Tournament is a division of Quinn Ventures Inc. It is based in Calgary, Canada and is owned by Tyler Quinn. It helps businesses in getting a logo design through a choice of more than 50 custom designs per project. The project bids at LogoTournament start from $275, and it yields several entries from various graphic designers from around the world. Following is a LogoTournament review and analysis of their success story.

Launch of LogoTournament:

  • LogoTournament was founded by Tyler Quinn through an inspiration from other design contests taking place on different internet forums and freelancing sites.
  • Tyler built LogoTournament with his end clients in mind so that any businessman in spite of technical expertise could fulfill his design needs.
  • According to the founder of LogoTournament, it took about 5 months for the site to kick off.
  • Tyler admitted that the site should have taken only about 3 months, but he kept adding to the scale of his project which was his error.
  • The spread of LogoTournament’s business is over 30 different countries including US, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Kuwait, Israel, Poland, Greece and United Kingdom.
  • Tyler Quinn claims that he did not seek venture capital, as he is of the opinion that there is a lot of opportunity to build lucrative niche market without investment.
  • LogoTournament charges a 15% flat commission on every design project that it pays out to the designers.

Milestones achieved by LogoTournament:

  • LogoTournament has hosted over 2,000 design projects thus far.
  • It is based on the philosophy of simple, self-serve, easy to use web applications that do not necessitate a large team to create or manage.
  • It has built and strengthened its designer community over the past few years to surpass the number of designers to over 7000.
  • LogoTournament has been obtained an honorable mention in renowned newspapers and magazines like The Washington Post, PC World, Entrepreneur and CIO.

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