Crowdsourcing is one of the fastest growing online businesses on the internet. In the span of 6 years, this revolutionary concept has reached great heights and has changed the way people do business. Considering the rapid advancements in technology, the gap between professionals and amateurs has been reduced to a great extent. Top Crowdsourcing sites provide a platform to bridge the gap between professionals and clients in order to maximize mutual gains.

One of the biggest impacts of crowdsourcing has been in the field of logo design where the concept of logo design contest is becoming popular. Even though the concept was invented a few years back, it has amassed great figures and statistics. For instance, thousands of creative people have been paid $1-2 billion in crowdsourcing projects so far. Another interesting fact is that there are about 1755 sites that provide crowdsourcing services. There are several more interesting facts pertaining to crowdsourcing and the best way to study them is through infographics.

That is why we bring you 8 of the most enlightening infographics that reveal some interesting statistics and information related to crowdsourcing.


Crowdsourcing Infographics 1


Crowdsourcing Infographics 2


Crowdsourcing Infographics 3


Crowdsourcing Infographics 4


Crowdsourcing Infographics 5


Crowdsourcing Infographics 6


Crowdsourcing Infographics 7


Crowdsourcing Infographics 8

  1. Nice collection! Love simple ideas!

  2. I absolutely love infographics! It can be so boring reading
    through reams of written content sometimes. It’s rare that you get truly inspirational
    infographs so well done on the finds.

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