Crowdsourcing is inarguably the fastest growing trend in the market these days. The term was coined by Jeff Howe in an article in ‘Wired magazine’ in 2006 and has since re-invented the way people do business. In just six years of existence, top crowdsourcing sites have won insurmountable laurels and success in the business community. Ben Kerschberg, in his enlightening article published in Forbes magazine highlighted “How Crowdsourcing Is Tackling Poverty In The Developing World”.

The concept of employing a creative crowd for projects crept into the design field in 2008 when 99designs launched the first logo design contest site. After that, many promising companies like MycroBurst and CrowdSPRING stepped up and served the community with full flow. Today, we present you with an interesting infographic on top 5 design crowdsourcing sites. Through our infographic, we have illustrated some very fascinating facts and figures about the best crowdsourcing sites in the field of design.


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  1. Justin Weller says:

    The visuals are very heavily weighted at the top of the design layout, and it’s disappointing that the information becomes mostly text at the bottom. My guess is that the designer was running out of time and don’t give his best at all. The Total Spent values and the spending comparisons also should have been visualized and comparatively not perfect. As an infographic designer, you should never make fake visualizations either like showing bar value and facts and figures. Its just my suggestions for you and please don’t be dishearten your mood. :)

  2. Seth W says:

    Unfortunately, this doesn’t provide us with too much useful information… with few exceptions, all it gives us is the intuitive conclusion that biggest communities have more opportunities and give out more money. I want to hear about which one produces the most (qualitatively and quantitatively) satisfied customers, and the average price per commission.

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