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What is Crowd Sourcing?

When jobs and tasks are outsourced to a distributed group of people it’s called as crowd sourcing. Crowd sourcing is cheaper and it results in a greater number of solutions for a problem as the problem or the task is opened up to a large group from whom solutions and results are obtained. What makes crowdsourcing problematic that since the costs are relatively lower often when the results and solutions are presented; they are not of high standard and most often than not, novices try their hand when tasks are outsourced. So, the finished product often lacks the sophisticated outlook presented by a seasoned and experienced individual.

Some of the earliest and the finest examples of crowdsourcing include:

1. The longitude price for making a marine pocket watch in 1714
2. Oxford English dictionary in 1884
3. Toyota logo contest in 1936
4. The Sydney opera house in 1955
5. Wikipedia launched in 2001
6. American idol season in 2002
7. YouTube launched in 2005
In 2006, the term crowd sourcing was coined. And since then hundreds of businesses have benefitted from crowdsourcing.

How does crowd sourcing work?

History of Design Crowdsourcing - An Inforgraphic

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