Can you imagine that the field of Crowdsourcing mobilized nearly $300 million in 2011? Not only have that, the number of people preferring crowdsourcing over outsourcing have doubled (100%) over the last year. We also featured an infographic on top crowdsourcing sites, which revealed that $1-2 billion have been paid to crowdsourced workers so far. All these vital facts and figures point out towards the enormous success of this innovative industry. In order to capture the performance of crowdsourcing, massolution™, a research firm providing crowdsourcing solutions, revealed a thorough report on the crowdsourcing industry.

The meticulously generated report is based on data collection from 32 different Crowdsourcing Service Providers (CSPs), among which included Elance, Freelancer and CrowdSource. The results discovered that crowdsourcing sustained in progressive development last year. The survey method included top crowdsourcing sites from all major areas of the industry like design crowdsourcing, freelance sites, ideation tasks, micro-tasks, and software services.


Carl Esposti, CEO of massolution and founder of Crowdsourcing.org said:

“The crowdsourcing market is growing at an accelerated rate with the venture capital community investing nearly $300 million in CSPs in 2011 alone. What’s more surprising is that large enterprises with revenues above $1B are early adopters of crowdsourcing; however, there is still significant untapped opportunity for crowdsourcing penetration across the board.”


Key Highlights of Crowd Participation:

You will be amazed to know that there are more crowd workers in developed countries than in developing countries. In contrast to the generally held belief that crowdsourcing is usually based in developing economies where low-skill workers are paid low-cost, the study reveals that almost 60% of all crowd workers live in North America and Europe. Other key findings include:

• The number of workers participating in crowdsourcing projects is rising at over 100% a year.
• Figures suggest that almost 50% of crowdsourcing workers have a bachelor degree.
• Crowdsourcing workers work on average once a month; while half of them work about once a day.
• Almost 77% of crowd workers have a primary job and participate as a pastime.

Key Highlights of Crowdsourcing Providers:

The total revenue base of crowdsourcing companies grew in excess of 75% last year. The major contributors were Internet Services with the lion’s share of (29%), Media and Entertainment (20%) and Technology (18%). Among other prominent findings of the report comprise:

• Worker evaluation is the most widespread quality control technique. Over 92% of the Crowdsourcing companies focus on worker assessment while 80% experts also give their reviews.
• Surprisingly, North America and Europe jointly host over 90% of crowdsourcing clients.
• In excess of 52% enterprise adopters made more than one purchase.


With these startling figures, it is evident that crowdsourcing is the next big thing in the marketplace.

  1. What is the actual number of people participating in crowdsourcing projects? 100% increase is really impressive. I am just curious about the actual number.