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About Crowd-Spring:

CrowdSPRING is a crowd-sourcing firm situated in Chicago that operates a range of design contests. It was established by Ross Kimbarovsky and Mike Samson in 2007. It was initiated to help people with design needs to utilize the resourceful talent of graphic designers from all over. It host around 99,872 designers thus far and has completed 24,120 projects to date. CrowdSPRING has also been mentioned by famous media agencies like Forbes and Entrepreneur.

The minimum logo bid on CrowdSPRING is $200, minimum stationery bid $100 and minimum web design bid is $600. The Prize Handling Fee charged by them is 15% of the prize money. Moreover, if you want to get your project a Privacy feature, you need to pay extra $79.Other than that, a Featured Listing on crowdSPRING costs an additional $49. They use newsletters to send logo design contest notification to designers for $99. A minimum total logo bid at crowdSPRING totals to $269.


About 99designs:

99designs is an Australian that administers diverse graphic design related projects for entrepreneurs and small business owners. It is recognized as the pioneering and one of the biggest crowd-sourcing sites on the net. Matt Mickiewicz is the co-founder of 99designs which nests a huge community of over 90380 aspiring designers. As reported by TechCrunch, Accel Partners invested $35 million in 99designs.

The minimum logo Bid on 99designs is $295, minimum stationery bid is $195, and minimum web design bid is $495. The Prize Handling Fee charged by 99designs is 20% of the prize money. If you wish to make your contest private, you have to pay extra $39. Apart from that, for a Featured Listing, you must pay additional $69. 99designs sends contest notification to designers for $99 via Twitter. A minimum total logo bid at 99designs totals to $295.

 Our Ratings    
 Minimum Logo Bid  $295  $200
 Minimum Stationery Bid  $195  $100
 Minimum Web Design Bid  $495  $600
 Listing Fee    $39
 Prize Handling Fee  20%  15%
 Privacy  $39  $79
 Expedite  $19  
 Featured Listing  $69  $49
 Contest Notification to Designers  $99 (Tweet)  $99 (Newsletter)
 Minimum Total  $295  $269
  www.99designs.com Need a website?  Watch 75,000+ designers submit ideas.

Which is Better?

After reviewing both the crowd-sourcing sites, we leave it up to you to decide which is better. According to our analysis, we find MycroBurst to be the best of all logo design contest sites in terms of affordability and uniqueness.



  1. Marolt Zan says:

    I think 99 designs is a bit better (Designer’s perspective.)

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