Type “99designs” on any major search engine like Google and you will be amazed to see the provided results. 99designs scam is the first thing that is put forward by Google’s ‘auto complete’ feature. Scores of articles and blog posts rant about the malpractices of 99designs and how it cons people of their money.

But what is the truth behind this 99designs scam? Not everything published online is plausible, is it? That’s the drawback of online media as there is unrestricted liberty to blog anything. People only write biased views of what they conceive of something. Similar is the case with 99designs scam, where a certain segment of designers and bloggers rage their fury against the success of the logo design contest.


• 99designs Scam – The Truths:

Many people have always questioned about the 100,000+ designers as revealed on 99designs website. They claim that this figure is hyped up for publicity purposes and that many of these designers are fake accounts. The only truth behind this is that once you create an account on 99designs, you cannot revert back to delete it. Which means that there is a likelihood some of the designers’ accounts are already inactive.

Another scam concerning 99designs is that winning a contest over there is almost impossible. This can be possible due to the mammoth competition of 100,000 designers, so the success ratio on 99designs is fairly low. Hence, designers have to participate on sheer luck and speculation.


• 99designs Scam – The Myths:

99designs was launched with a purpose to serve both designers and clients. However, critics of 99designs are entirely opposed to the methodology of 99designs and consider it detrimental for the design industry. However, we have done a comprehensive 99designs review and found out that they have paid out an enormous sum of over $30 million to designers to date. How can a site be damaging when it is reaping such lofty paybacks for designers?

Several articles on 99designs scam spread on the internet claim 99designs to be an unpredictable and rip-off website. But how can this be true when financial investors Accel Partners have expended $35 million in the stakes of 99designs? Even a layman can comprehend that a scam website isn’t worth such a huge investment.


• 99designs Scam – You Decide:

After going through the real truth surrounding 99designs scam, what is your opinion about them? Do you still consider 99designs as a scam or is it a genuine and beneficial business for designers?

  1. 99ways 4 u 2 fail says:

    that those +30millions are spread over 100.000 supposed designers. That’s 300$

    It’s a
    terrible place for everyone! Why?

    Real designers
    are extremely underpaid. For the rest (basic knowledge on a downloaded pirate
    version of a logo program) it might be ok…but it’s not designer work.

    other designer work on, for example,  99designs is easy…and regulation againts
    this is almost nonexistent and extremely vague.


    are risking their image by creating their logo, etc. by random people, most aren’t
    even designers at all. The rules they apply do not protect you from possible
    “court visits”. If you get real problems what can you do? Tell in
    court It was a random kid on the other side of the world who is
    responsible…good luck finding him and bring him here.

    most the time think they know their clients…they think they do so they create
    a brief that will fail for sure.

    decide who is the winner. Companies aren’t the target and most the time companies
    don’t have the acute knowledge to judge what is the best design, only REAL DESIGNERS do.

    Read the
    documents/rules carefully and you will understand how flawed and dangerous they

    designers are underpaid so no real motivation doing what you need…

    spend 1$ on this if you have a serious business.

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