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URL http://www.99designs.com/
Portfolio http://www.99designs.com/contests
Initial Price $204
Email [email protected]
Phone 61390908299

PO Box 1516 Collingwood, Melbourne, VICTORIA, Australia, 3066
99designs was founded by Mark Harbottle, co-founder and chairman of sitepoint.com. It is a design contest website that hosts contests for: logo design, stationery / business cards, website designs, banner designs contests, etc
 Our Ratings  
 Minimum Logo Bid  $295
 Minimum Stationery Bid  $195
 Minimum Web Design Bid  $495
 Listing Fee  
 Prize Handling Fee  20%
 Privacy  $39
 Expedite  $19
 Featured Listing  $69
 Contest Notification to Designers  $99 (Tweet)
 Minimum Total  $295

Here is a detailed review of the logo design services offered by99designs. We present you an analysis on their services and procedure. In addition to that, we have also given links to other consumer reviews sites so that you can discover what others have to say about 99designs.



99designs is an Australian based crowd-sourcing company, which was established by Mark Harbottle in 2008. It has been greatly aided by investors including Accel Partners and Matt Mickiewicz, initiator of Sitepoint.com and Flippa.com. Their operations are administered in Melbourne and San Francisco and have been mentioned by famous media agencies like Entrepreneur, and Wall Street Journal.

99designs was the first to enter the field of online logo design contest. Their purpose is to bridge the gap between graphic designers from all over and businesses wanting their design work. It is the biggest community of designers that comprises of over 100,000 designers from, all around the globe. Well over 95,000 design contests have taken place on 99designs to date.


Products and Services

Although 99designsstarted out as a logo design contest site, they have now expanded their business into a wide range of other design categories. Their products and services include packaging design, stationery and wed design, T-shirt design and various others. Clients can run a contest for any design related task that you can imagine. They also provide you with real time support on their website so you can ask any queries if required.

Apart from running logo design contests, 99designs also sells ready-made logo templates that can be customized for you. This alternative is inexpensive as compared to a design contest but the logos are of substandard quality. This is because most of them are discards from the contests and are allowed to be sold repeatedly. As a result, you will not receive a distinctive and unique logo.


How it Works

The procedure of running a logo design contest on 99designs consists of three steps. It begins by submitting a design brief containing the client’s design requirements. Then, you select from a variety of packages beginning with $295. (You can also compare the rates offered by 99designs vs crowdspring at our site). There is also an option for you to lay down your own price by selecting ‘Custom’ price. The higher you set the prize money of your contest, the more designers will participate in your project.

The next step is to evaluate the designs being submitted on your contest and correspond with the designers for any changes. To conclude, you select a winner and award the prize money to get your final design.



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  2. great review!! i think 99designs is the best choice for design contest site for now..especially for the rates..thanks for sharing this

  3. pallet rack says:

    i think 99designs still the best and it will remove microburst from the first place! thanks

  4. Soshal says:

    99designs is interesting as using “crowdsourcing” to get unemployed and high-school students to compete with workers in India and other undeveloped countries… the pitch is “GET GREAT DESIGN DONE REALLY CHEAP!!”, and that’s exactly what it does, and it does state clearly that even the best designers are doing 500+ designs for perhaps 1-2 jobs (earning then $200-400).  It really does take advantage of plethora of unemployed designers, so that when they do become good they can go out there and get a proper job.  It’s like getting some work experience, and learning that in design everyone wants your creativity for almost free, because if you actually did have skills you’d probably be able to get a job… :)

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