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Until few years back, getting a logo design was a long and tiring job. You had to hire a particular logo design company/ logo designer and had to choose from limited options they provided. But not anymore folks because logo design contests have given new face to the logo design industry. With handful money, you can quickly launch a logo contest and get 1000+ logo concepts from talented logo designers all over the world. However, this leaves you with a question as to which of the top logo contest site is the best option. Therefore, we bring you authentic logo contest reviews to help you take the right decision.

No matter how big or small a business is, we all know, a company’s success hugely depends on its logo design. Therefore, it’s the high time we make the most of these logo design contests and enjoy business success.


Best Logo Design Contest Site – Our Recommendation:

Out of the many options available in the crowd-sourcing field, we recommend MycroBurst to be the best site to hold a logo design contest. Our recommendations are based on a thorough scrutiny of all the services provided by top logo design contest sites. Moreover, our research includes reviews and publications from various authentic media agencies. Furthermore, to back the quality and reliability of the logo design contest sites, we also used some of the user reviews and feedbacks.


1st Choice for Logo Design Contest – MycroBurst:


After carefully analyzing all the pros and cons of top logo design contest sites on the internet, we recommend MycroBurst to be the best for consumers and designers alike. Our assessment was based on criteria such as maturity level, market standing, design excellence, value added services, customer service, guarantee procedure and media popularity.

MycroBurst is an umbrella brand of the Guru Corporation that holds the honor of bagging several American Graphic Design Awards. The company has 8 years of experience in the design market and with an impeccable design record, great value for money, unmatched customer service and fair money back guarantee, is indisputably the best alternative for you. Even for designers, MycroBurst is an ideal place to participate since the success ratio of winning a design contest is far better than any other top logo design contest sites.


Mycroburst – Best Features:

With a price range of your desire starting from $199, MycroBurst offers you upto 100+ design concepts to choose from. If you view top logo design contest sites, you will observe that the prize handling fee charged by MycroBurst is 7.5% which is exceptionally lower than all the rest. They also guarantee every client at least 30 concepts or else their money will be returned. Since Mycroburst is a relatively newer site, there is less number of open projects on the site and project holders get quick response on their contest. According to Yahoo News, MycroBurst also unveiled a new ClientShare feature, enabling clients to rebrand crowd-sourced design projects.


Mycroburst – User Reviews:

1) Terry Jones, founder and former CEO of Travelocity, Chairman of Kayak.com and Business Strategy Speaker, had this to say about his experience with Mycroburst:

“I’ve been very intrigued by the crowd-sourcing model, and found MycroBurst to be a very powerful way to source design services. It was much less expensive than traditional design methods, extremely fast, and overall, quite good. I would definitely recommend this to my friends and colleagues.”

2) Another user Alon Cohen, a Lead Designer at VoloMetrix had this to say:

From the beginning, the MycroBurst Staff was intrinsic to our experience. They reached out, they asked us about our product, they asked us what kind of designs we were looking for, and helped guide our brief writing so we could get the most we could get out of the designers. The result was that we had a wonderful, enthusiastic response."


2nd Choice for Logo Design Contest – DesignContest.com:

DesignContest.com is one of the freshest, most popular logo design contest sites – and for good reason!  It was founded in 2003 as DesignContest.net, and then it eventually found its current name under the .com title. As of today, DesignContest.com is one of the largest, easiest to use, and most lucrative logo design contest sites found anywhere on the Internet. It offers a wealth of convenient features that ensure both you and the designer(s) you select enjoy the fruits of the graphical process.

Directly Hire Talent for the Long-Term:

Perhaps one of the greatest things about DesignContest is its ability to hire designers directly. Through this feature—which allows you to call up a specific designer to contract out your work—lets you establish real and personable relationships with those designers whose creative efforts you greatly enjoy.


More for Your Money:

Another plus to using DesignContest has to do with actual money expenditure. By choosing DesignContest as your logo design host, you’re guaranteed one of the largest receiving groups of designers anywhere on the Web. This means more designs for you to choose from, more work arriving at your doorstep, and more possible relationships to pursue in the future.


Fabulous, Worldwide Support:

Additionally, DesignContest comes with rock-solid customer support and assistance. These support lines are open and available 24 hours a day from Monday to Friday, and they can be reached from any location around the world. This makes it easy to sort out your problems as they arrive, guaranteeing solutions.


Talented Designers for All Graphic Needs:

Lastly, DesignContest is an excellent choice for any design contest, not just logo design. It features web design, CMS design, and even letterpress and layout design. Any and all of your needs can be handled through its services, making it an easy fix.


Extensive Media Coverage:

The powerful creative community of designers and graphic buyers has garnered attention the attention of both individuals and the media alike.  DesignContest has been seen on Fox News, Entreprenuer Magazine, NBC, Mashable, CBS News, ABC news, and more.


I needed to get some decent logo/branding work done for my business, and I got pointed in the direction of DesignContest.com… I was very hesitant because of the $49 fee just to post a project. Well, I posted it and put a $150 prize on the project, and I have had some GREAT entries!


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 Our Ratings        
 Minimum Logo Bid  $199  $295  $200  $275
 Minimum Stationery Bid  $100  $195  $100  
 Minimum Web Design Bid  $349  $495  $600  
 Listing Fee      $39  
 Prize Handling Fee  20%  20%  15%  15%
 Privacy  $25  $39  $79  $50
 Guaranteed  $15      
 Expedite  $19  $19    
 Featured Listing  $39  $69  $49  $50
 Contest Notification to Designers  $69 (E-mail blast)  $99 (Tweet)  $99 (Newsletter)  Included in ‘Featured’
 Minimum Total $238  $295  $269  $275
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